• Derek Sivers

    Derek Sivers

    I've been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher. See https://sivers.org/

  • Pat Meusel

    Pat Meusel

  • Jonathan Edmund Townes

    Jonathan Edmund Townes

  • Rami Perry

    Rami Perry

  • Metro Arts

    Metro Arts

    We believe that all Nashvillians should participate in a creative life and that arts drive a more vibrant and equitable community.

  • David Plazas

    David Plazas

    Opinion editor + columnist @Tennessean Exploring music, food, outdoors & transit. In #MusicCity via Fort Myers & Chicago @MedillSchool

  • Jonathan Marx

    Jonathan Marx

    Dad, husband, punk. Views expressed here are entirely reasonable, and entirely my own.

  • Mike Janssen

    Mike Janssen

    Journalist: media (@currentpubmedia), real estate, misc. Radio host: jazz, African music, poetry, etc. (@WPFWDC) Ambler and rambler. Some other things.

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